The Environment

Since the earths' resources are limited, legislators, developers and users must play a decisive role in conserving them and in protecting our environment by pulling the many aspects of our natural environmental world without limiting it to greenhouse gases (GHG), rising sea levels glacier melting, atmospheric composition, climate fluctuation, carbon levels peaks and temperature records.

Therefore, it is imperative to promote 'low carbon' policies and ensure that all implemented measures be environmentally sound, economically viable and socially responsible.

"EEH considers that climate change is the world's greatest challenge in the 21st century."

The environment is a global dimension in modern planning due to its linkage to life quality improvement and economic growth. The environment has become an integral part of life, driving major concerns on the quality of life we will leave as our legacy for future generations.

EEH and its associates are dedicated to providing consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Program Management
  • Climate Change Investment Opportunities
  • Carbon Abatement
  • Carbon Exchange
  • Legal Framework Assistance
  • Environmental Audits
  • Pollution Prevention Programs
  • Risk Management
  • Promoting Clean Technologies
  • Solutions to Reduce the Effect of Climate Change
  • Structuring and Guiding Green House Gases and Carbon Footprint Print Reduction Projects
  • Regulatory Acts
  • Sampling and Monitoring Structuring and Guiding Green House Gases and Carbon Foot Print Reduction Projects